Monday, January 12, 2009

I am An Indonesian In Busby SEO Test

It's amazing that contestants who dominating the first position in Busby SEO Test contest are mostly from Indonesia, they are my countrymen wow! I personally applaud them and give my humble salutation, keep fighting guys till the last day of the end of the competition and show to the whole world what you are made for! Show them Indonesia Raya! Wow I suddenly started to become patriotic. But seriously to know that the Big first ten are dominated by Indonesian has motivated me to do the best to lift up my rank. But you know, just because we are from the same country doesn't mean there's no competition among us.

I will still be fighting for the first place, that's what our truly aim when registered to this contest, wasn't it? And the aim still be in each of our heart, resides there to keep motivates us to be number 1. Don't take me wrong I am still supporting you, if the winner is not going to be me at 31, January, I hope he or she is going to be my countrymen.

Enough about patriotism stuff, as an Indonesian in Busby SEO Test I have been doing many things required to elevate my rank, the things are so many and tiring me up and sometimes it's boring me because of its monotone. The same tasks as yesterday without knowing whether if this is going to work, then after everything is settled I wait for few days patiently then the result will come up. If it's bad result then I immediately substitute it with another technique I considered will better my rank, and so on.

To elevate our blog rank for most wanted keyphrase ain't easy. It's like fighting with hundreds hungry men to have a patch of meat to feed my hunger. And each of them will do anything they could to grab the meat from anyone hold the meat with killing each other, till the last one win and eat it. The winner takes all. That's how I illustrate the Busby SEO Test, everyone competes to each other to win the contest and takes all.

And luckily I am Indonesian that don't give up easily, although I am not a SEO expert and consider what I am doing now bore me sometimes, but I won't give up. Wish me luck and see you in the next babbling.

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I am An Indonesian In Busby SEO Test.

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