Sunday, October 19, 2008

ikut kontes yuk

Busby SEO Test di adakan untuk ke 2 kalinya dalam tahun 2008 ini, dimulai awal oktober tepatnya tanggal 1 hingga akhir januari tanggal 31 2009, dan Busby SEO Test terbuka untuk siapa saja yang berminat mengasah ketrampilannya dalam menempatkan posisi terbaik di hasil pencarian. Jika ingin tahu lebih lanjut mengenai Busby SEO Test, silahkan baca postingnya di:

Jika ada yang berminat untuk gabung di Busby SEO Test, silahkan deh baca keterannganya disitu. Doain saya yah di kontes Busby SEO Test ini.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Upgrade wordpress plugin

Mumpung berita kemunculan Wordpress 2.6 Tyner masih hangat dan yang pasti banyak pula rekan Abi yang belum mengupgrade Wordpressnya ke versi 2.6 Tyner. Mungkin karena alasan masih betah sama versi Wordpress yang sedang dipakai, atau males karena proses pengiriman file lewat FTP dan Download versi terbaru yang memakan waktu atau juga sedang menimbang-nimbang. Plugin Instant Upgrade Membuat Proses Upgrade Lebih Mudah

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Theme Wordpress pro

Revolution theme buatan Briand Gardner memang keren-keren semuanya, siapa yang melihatnya pasti akan bilang WOW KEREN! Begitupun saya terkagum-kagum melihatnya. Namun untuk memasang theme revolution agak sedikit rumit dibanding dengan memasang theme yang lain. Beberapa hari yang lalu diblog ini saya membagikan gratis 3 theme revolution yaitu revolution sport, magazine dan pro. Dan sepertinya banyak rekan yang telah mendownload, namun banyak pula yang akhirnya tidak jadi memasang diblog mereka, karena katanya sulit! Tutorial Memasang Revolution Theme Di Blog Wordpress

Monday, July 14, 2008

Social Bookmark membantu mempopulerkan blog anda, silahkan Infogue

Info Gue Layanan Social Bookmark lokal yang pantat dicoba. Sudah pernah coba layanan Social Bookmark Lokal Coba deh. Karena memberi keuntunggan, setidaknya ini yang saya rasakan, trafik blog saya meningkat cukup bagus setelah beberapa artikel blog ini saya posting disana pada hari sabtu lalu. Saya baru submit 2 artikel dan masing-masing artikel mendapat kunjungan hampir 250 visitor. Artikel yang saya submit kedalam yaitu: Akhirnya! Ada kolom komentar dibawah posting blogspot dan Batu Isra Mijraj Terbang, Benarkah?. Sebenarnya ada 1 artikel lagi yang telah tersubmit di yaitu SEO Untuk Blogspot tapi artikel yang terakhir bukan saya yang men-submit namun pengunjung dari yang melakukannya. Info Gue Layanan Social Bookmark lokal yang pantat dicoba

Saturday, July 12, 2008

adorning wordpress permalink

Bagi yang belum mudeng dengan omongan saya, ini sebagai perview agar punya gambaran mengenai info ini. Andaikata, saya memilih .html dan menempatkannya diakhir urutan keyword permalink saya maka bentuknya akan seperti ini:

Memodifikasi Permalink Wordpress

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daftar Posting

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fat Men, Don’t Worry You’re Not Alone

Fat Men, Don’t Worry You’re Not Alone

Fat man unleash blog provides a complete tips and informations for all fat men who don’t like with their bodies look to get the shape they dream. It’s interesting blog because it’s enshrining the journey of the owner of blog to gain weight loss.

His daily efforts to get back into shape are written down there for all to read, I read many of them and get absorbed with his tenacity to bring his prior body shape back. I hope the guy will get what he wishes for someday.

But I wonder what will happen to the blog, if the man get his prior body shape back, is he going to shut the blog down? Hmm...I will ask him after publishing this article.

And if you happen to have the same condition as the guy has now, you could visit his blog and share your stories with him or search information needed to assist you to have body shape you want, I believe he will be happy to welcome you.

Here is the link Fat Man Unleashed go check it out.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Promotion Along With Make Your Blog Liked

Because of inspired with an article "How to make your blog liked" by Stefan from Perfect Blogging. I decided to participate in his thought of making our blog more likable. Apparently there’s one imperative aspect that he missed which has made his article less than complete. The article focus only about content, I have no problem with that. Content is a must for a blog to climb a mountain of success. But content without visitor would have been a grave for every blogger.Who would notice our magnificent content, if no one’s there to see it?

When the above question raises, Promotion is the answer. You get to promote your blog at the maximum way as you can. Do whatever it takes to boost your blog visibility and popularity, and don’t give up hope easily, if the fruit you desire has not yet coming. Because promotion takes time and requires alot of efforts.

People like Darren Rowse John Chow & Shoemoney take a great deal of effort to promote their blogs along with enriching their contents. Your blog is like a house and content is the interior part of the house. Nobody will find out your luxurious furnitures you put to adorn interior without you invite them to come in and look, this goes in blogging too.

After the preparation to enrich your content is completed, then start to invite as many people as you can to come in and enjoy the marvelous content you offer. Last, but certainly not the least is consistency, to appeal the attention of your visitor, you get to be consistent in providing quality contents and keep updating, don’t be lazy to update your blog. Because visitor love fresh and new content everyday. This will absorb them to come to your blog everyday, or at least your blog will be their regular read list.

The reason I write this because I like to keep things related to each other, Promotion and content are inseparable aspects. One know not as to whether his blog liked after receiving feedback by its visitors, and the visitors will not come by themselves without us do some serious promotion.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't Quit Blogging Easily

My friend Ellias from McMunny Online recently has launched a motivating article named Blogg; Cause & Effect. In the article he reminds about the importance of hardworking and persistence in order to make us as bloggers to keep ourselves on tracks, if we desire to monetize our blog or planning to do blogging for living. He also added that as bloggers we must not fall easily into tempting slogan about making money instantly, which this aspect will cause you quit blogging easily if no fast money comes as you have fancied.

I agree with his saying in the article, because both in real world and on the net nothing seems to be instant to get money. Everything takes a process, monetizing blog is no exception. Once you think that you will gain money instantly on the net, then you've opened the wide open door for scammers to scam you. Believe me you are an easy prey, since those scammers are good in making tempting promise to drag your ignorance into their traps. And you’ll likely be disappointed for being scammed and eventually you will decide to quit blogging before you get even a single penny.

I'm going to tell you a bit about my experience in making money through blogging. I started doing blogging seriously on March, 2007 and participated in several making money online programs at April. And I got my first payment at October, 2007 it was $145. And from November, 2007 up till February 2008, i've collected about $1,000 from Google Adsense, TLA, SponsoredReviews, PayPerPost, Bidvertisers, Adbrite.

You see? It took me almost a year to get $1,145. It's a long journey and it's obviously not a short let alone an instant trip! May be other people are luckier than myself, they might have gained 10 times bigger than I got in their first years. But still, they took a great deal of efforts to earn what they have in their pockets now and certainly not one night efforts!

Well to those who happen read this article I just want to say that, it will be much and much better to think how to optimize your blog rather than focusing your self on how to gain money instantly. If you have an optimized blog then what ever you will do to your blog afterwards will be a lot easier. Dig the soil, and sow your seeds, someday you will reap of what you sowed.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Sense of Writing Is Getting Blunt!

I currently suffer bluntness in writing, because I don’t find any good topic to write to fill out this blog which have been days abandoned without new and fresh content. I tried to do blogwalking and read posting from others blogs, hoping I would find something interesting as material to write. Yet the miracle has not approached me. I’m starting to be frustrated over the current situation, looks like my sense of writing has frozen for the last few days.

May be this is because I own too many blogs that suck my attentions and of course my job in real live, those things distracted my concern from this blog. I’ve been trying what it take to motivate myself and to be tenacious in finding anything that can be used as a topic, well so far I’ve not found anything yet.

I don’t know how can I be this blunt, usually it had been so easy for me to find a topic just think for minutes than a bunch of ideas came consecutively. But not now, where are those ideas? Are you all retaining yourself to say me a hallo? Or may be this time they want me to do a bit more efforts to make them come.

I guess it’s time for me to think harder than usual. Well lets see in the next few days, I hope there will be a ton of idea which I can transform them into words, we’ll see.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Text links ads: Selling Links

Text links ads: Selling Links – easy money by selling space of your blog.

The system is really simple to apply on your website or blog. If you have a Blog with high Page Rank (minimum PR required is 4), then you should consider to register your blog and reporting the address of your blog to TLA, give them a quick review to verify PageRank, relevance, theme and other required factors to put your link on a market list, your blog will stay there in the expectation that buyer would look and eventually buy the space on your site. When the buyers buy your space their link will have the opportunity to appear on your site.

What we have to do as webmaster is to generate the script by providing the tools in our Web and integrate it into our selected page, thus the links provided by Text Link Ads will automatically appear there.

The price of each page depends on the traffic to your site and quality rank of your site (or page (s)), but it is usual that profits are measured by tens of dollars (10 $, $ 20, $ 30, etc.) for each link.

The system is 100% compatible with the Magnificent Adsense, because they are totally different in their philosophy of operation. Payment is made on a monthly basis with no minimum amount via Paypal or by cheque to reach the 25 dollars. Text links ads, already installed GC Blog, the link is under the heading "Sponsored Links”.

Register now

SponsoredReviews Pays You For Blogging

SponsoredReviews Pays You For Blogging

Today I took a pleasant surprise when checking my mail few hours ago, I saw that my proposal has been approved to write a review about jewelry product, of course, my bidding was accepted too.

What is SponsoredReviews?

For those who are not familiar with SponsoredReviews, I give you a brief information about it. Basically it is to write a post on any site or product to help a company or advertiser in promoting their products and services. The post we write is called SponsoRedreview post.

For every review you made, you will receive 65% of the agreed price and the rest of 35% goes to SponsoredReviews. Yes SponsoredReviews will take 35% for every purchased review of yours. As for me it's a pretty good deal since SponsoredReviews will list your blog in their marketplace and expose it to dozens or hundreds of potential advertiser. So 35% is acceptable amount as a commission for its effort in connecting Advertisers with Bloggers.

Registration is simple, after register yourself, and submit your blog to be approved. If approved you will have the opportunity to find advertisers and propose your intention to review their products or services. And if they find you're qualified, they will accept your proposal. And give you 7 days to finish the job.

Minimum requirements for a blog to be accepted are:

* Must be at least has non-paid 10 posts of at least 200 words and other exclusive content.

* Must be fully automated or apparently done to get traffic only.

* You must have a minimum ratio of 3:1 unpaid content.

* You must complete the review before 7 days after you’re approved by advertiser.

SponsoredReviews pays every two weeks by paypal or check, after 14 days of publication of the entry sponsored.

It is important to say that every time you write a sponsored post, you must make it clear that it is. Because it is one of the program policies, for example by writing "This is a post sponsored." or such. But some of advertisers prefer not to be known that they’re using this strategy to promote their product, thus they would appreciate if you don’t place the word SponsoredReviews in your review. This program is an easy system to gain money with blogging.

If you are interested, Feel Free to Sign Up

Welcome My Dear Guest, Have A Sit

I like writing about many things, of course things that could benefit both my self and my readers, so no wonder if I have a blog that consists of various issues, I named it; Fikiranku (if you’re non-Indonesian people better not to click on the text link because it uses Indonesia language). I like to enshrine what I feel and see in letters and sentences, thus it’s understandable writing is becoming one of my few hobbies.

Following the advice from many recognized names in Blogging world that a blogger should write something they like in order to be a successful Blogger. I am fully concur with the advice, for me each blogger would be far more likely to be successful if writing about the things that don’t caught up his intentions. Also, it’s far easier to write something we like. And non-updated blogs we see on the net are the result of the mistake that bloggers did when deciding theme for the first time.

A non-updated blog is a graveyard. Google spiderbot hates it so does human. So, if you are still unable to commit any efforts to make your blog rich with contents, then take this as an advice “don’t do blogging until you’ve found yourself capable enough to enrich it”.

For example: topic about money, writing this topic can be exceptionally difficult, if I don’t find such topic absorbed my interest. Thus, think carefully about what the topic or theme that you’re going to put before making a blog. Because it motivates us to keep updating it time to time. On the other hand picking a topic that you don’t like would certainly make you hard to find a passion to continue blogging.

Like the blog you see now, since I like money (who doesn’t anyway), this blog is about money. The overall content of the blog would be discussing and informing how to make money online with the tips. The money makers programs which I’d like to present to you are the most trusted money makers programs which have been helping many bloggers throughout the net in grasping cash! So, stick around and do this blog tells you to help you make some cash!

I don’t know what else to write in this article. I better stop now. To close this welcome post, I just want to say thank you so much for investing your valuable times by visiting this blog. Good day!