Monday, February 25, 2008

Promotion Along With Make Your Blog Liked

Because of inspired with an article "How to make your blog liked" by Stefan from Perfect Blogging. I decided to participate in his thought of making our blog more likable. Apparently there’s one imperative aspect that he missed which has made his article less than complete. The article focus only about content, I have no problem with that. Content is a must for a blog to climb a mountain of success. But content without visitor would have been a grave for every blogger.Who would notice our magnificent content, if no one’s there to see it?

When the above question raises, Promotion is the answer. You get to promote your blog at the maximum way as you can. Do whatever it takes to boost your blog visibility and popularity, and don’t give up hope easily, if the fruit you desire has not yet coming. Because promotion takes time and requires alot of efforts.

People like Darren Rowse John Chow & Shoemoney take a great deal of effort to promote their blogs along with enriching their contents. Your blog is like a house and content is the interior part of the house. Nobody will find out your luxurious furnitures you put to adorn interior without you invite them to come in and look, this goes in blogging too.

After the preparation to enrich your content is completed, then start to invite as many people as you can to come in and enjoy the marvelous content you offer. Last, but certainly not the least is consistency, to appeal the attention of your visitor, you get to be consistent in providing quality contents and keep updating, don’t be lazy to update your blog. Because visitor love fresh and new content everyday. This will absorb them to come to your blog everyday, or at least your blog will be their regular read list.

The reason I write this because I like to keep things related to each other, Promotion and content are inseparable aspects. One know not as to whether his blog liked after receiving feedback by its visitors, and the visitors will not come by themselves without us do some serious promotion.

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