Friday, February 8, 2008

SponsoredReviews Pays You For Blogging

SponsoredReviews Pays You For Blogging

Today I took a pleasant surprise when checking my mail few hours ago, I saw that my proposal has been approved to write a review about jewelry product, of course, my bidding was accepted too.

What is SponsoredReviews?

For those who are not familiar with SponsoredReviews, I give you a brief information about it. Basically it is to write a post on any site or product to help a company or advertiser in promoting their products and services. The post we write is called SponsoRedreview post.

For every review you made, you will receive 65% of the agreed price and the rest of 35% goes to SponsoredReviews. Yes SponsoredReviews will take 35% for every purchased review of yours. As for me it's a pretty good deal since SponsoredReviews will list your blog in their marketplace and expose it to dozens or hundreds of potential advertiser. So 35% is acceptable amount as a commission for its effort in connecting Advertisers with Bloggers.

Registration is simple, after register yourself, and submit your blog to be approved. If approved you will have the opportunity to find advertisers and propose your intention to review their products or services. And if they find you're qualified, they will accept your proposal. And give you 7 days to finish the job.

Minimum requirements for a blog to be accepted are:

* Must be at least has non-paid 10 posts of at least 200 words and other exclusive content.

* Must be fully automated or apparently done to get traffic only.

* You must have a minimum ratio of 3:1 unpaid content.

* You must complete the review before 7 days after you’re approved by advertiser.

SponsoredReviews pays every two weeks by paypal or check, after 14 days of publication of the entry sponsored.

It is important to say that every time you write a sponsored post, you must make it clear that it is. Because it is one of the program policies, for example by writing "This is a post sponsored." or such. But some of advertisers prefer not to be known that they’re using this strategy to promote their product, thus they would appreciate if you don’t place the word SponsoredReviews in your review. This program is an easy system to gain money with blogging.

If you are interested, Feel Free to Sign Up

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