Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Sense of Writing Is Getting Blunt!

I currently suffer bluntness in writing, because I don’t find any good topic to write to fill out this blog which have been days abandoned without new and fresh content. I tried to do blogwalking and read posting from others blogs, hoping I would find something interesting as material to write. Yet the miracle has not approached me. I’m starting to be frustrated over the current situation, looks like my sense of writing has frozen for the last few days.

May be this is because I own too many blogs that suck my attentions and of course my job in real live, those things distracted my concern from this blog. I’ve been trying what it take to motivate myself and to be tenacious in finding anything that can be used as a topic, well so far I’ve not found anything yet.

I don’t know how can I be this blunt, usually it had been so easy for me to find a topic just think for minutes than a bunch of ideas came consecutively. But not now, where are those ideas? Are you all retaining yourself to say me a hallo? Or may be this time they want me to do a bit more efforts to make them come.

I guess it’s time for me to think harder than usual. Well lets see in the next few days, I hope there will be a ton of idea which I can transform them into words, we’ll see.

1 comment:

Ellias McMunny said...

Well, Happen to me a lot...

It's what I called "Perphecticus Blogger Syndrome"... hahaha

But Don't worry, This only affects those who always focused on the better and quality contents... lol