Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome My Dear Guest, Have A Sit

I like writing about many things, of course things that could benefit both my self and my readers, so no wonder if I have a blog that consists of various issues, I named it; Fikiranku (if you’re non-Indonesian people better not to click on the text link because it uses Indonesia language). I like to enshrine what I feel and see in letters and sentences, thus it’s understandable writing is becoming one of my few hobbies.

Following the advice from many recognized names in Blogging world that a blogger should write something they like in order to be a successful Blogger. I am fully concur with the advice, for me each blogger would be far more likely to be successful if writing about the things that don’t caught up his intentions. Also, it’s far easier to write something we like. And non-updated blogs we see on the net are the result of the mistake that bloggers did when deciding theme for the first time.

A non-updated blog is a graveyard. Google spiderbot hates it so does human. So, if you are still unable to commit any efforts to make your blog rich with contents, then take this as an advice “don’t do blogging until you’ve found yourself capable enough to enrich it”.

For example: topic about money, writing this topic can be exceptionally difficult, if I don’t find such topic absorbed my interest. Thus, think carefully about what the topic or theme that you’re going to put before making a blog. Because it motivates us to keep updating it time to time. On the other hand picking a topic that you don’t like would certainly make you hard to find a passion to continue blogging.

Like the blog you see now, since I like money (who doesn’t anyway), this blog is about money. The overall content of the blog would be discussing and informing how to make money online with the tips. The money makers programs which I’d like to present to you are the most trusted money makers programs which have been helping many bloggers throughout the net in grasping cash! So, stick around and do this blog tells you to help you make some cash!

I don’t know what else to write in this article. I better stop now. To close this welcome post, I just want to say thank you so much for investing your valuable times by visiting this blog. Good day!

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