Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't Quit Blogging Easily

My friend Ellias from McMunny Online recently has launched a motivating article named Blogg; Cause & Effect. In the article he reminds about the importance of hardworking and persistence in order to make us as bloggers to keep ourselves on tracks, if we desire to monetize our blog or planning to do blogging for living. He also added that as bloggers we must not fall easily into tempting slogan about making money instantly, which this aspect will cause you quit blogging easily if no fast money comes as you have fancied.

I agree with his saying in the article, because both in real world and on the net nothing seems to be instant to get money. Everything takes a process, monetizing blog is no exception. Once you think that you will gain money instantly on the net, then you've opened the wide open door for scammers to scam you. Believe me you are an easy prey, since those scammers are good in making tempting promise to drag your ignorance into their traps. And you’ll likely be disappointed for being scammed and eventually you will decide to quit blogging before you get even a single penny.

I'm going to tell you a bit about my experience in making money through blogging. I started doing blogging seriously on March, 2007 and participated in several making money online programs at April. And I got my first payment at October, 2007 it was $145. And from November, 2007 up till February 2008, i've collected about $1,000 from Google Adsense, TLA, SponsoredReviews, PayPerPost, Bidvertisers, Adbrite.

You see? It took me almost a year to get $1,145. It's a long journey and it's obviously not a short let alone an instant trip! May be other people are luckier than myself, they might have gained 10 times bigger than I got in their first years. But still, they took a great deal of efforts to earn what they have in their pockets now and certainly not one night efforts!

Well to those who happen read this article I just want to say that, it will be much and much better to think how to optimize your blog rather than focusing your self on how to gain money instantly. If you have an optimized blog then what ever you will do to your blog afterwards will be a lot easier. Dig the soil, and sow your seeds, someday you will reap of what you sowed.


Ellias McMunny said...

Thank you for mentioning my name on your writing. I'm really flattered.

Btw, I like the "soil & seed" part...

Keep writing My Friend!

Abi Bakar said...

my pleasure and thank u too to find me an idea to update my blog.

u too keep writing friend.