Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Little Chat About Busby SEO Test

I am glad because I decided to participate to Busby SEO Test contest and I know it’s not an easy competition, after a few days of my participation in Busby SEO Test competition I started to realize that optimizing a blog to win the best position in the competition is so much fun rather than not in the competition. That’s because there is a direct rivalry atmosphere here,this excites me. In the general condition each tweak I make will be effecting to my blog position.

As you already know that the task given to each contestant is to make his/her blog comes up on the highest position for keyphrase Busby SEO Test in Google USA SERP. It’s only a three words, three magic words that have been managed to make hundreds of people who happen to be participants in this competition scratch their heads…hehehe actually not all, but some including me:)).

A friendly advices: if your position still be above 20, 30, 40 and so on, don’t give up hope easily because the competition still far from end, there’s a plenty of times for you to make the impossible become possible, do what ever it takes as long it’s ethical techniques and I know you can do it.

Well so far this is my babbling, there’s plenty more in the next days.

Good day!

A Little Chat About Busby SEO Test

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