Monday, January 19, 2009

Naughty Technique To Generate High Traffic, It’s A Tricky SEO

It’s a naughty SEO technique and proven accurate according my friends who have practiced it. What you need to do is duplicating other contents using, surprised already? Don’t be! Wait till you read the next sentence: I’ve seen several testimonies and all are positive testimonies, they really get considerable traffic, usually around 7,00 until 1,000 a day just using duplicate contents activity.

The technique is easy:

1. Set a blog in blogspot. Remember don’t use other than blogspot and don’t use own domain. Because Google LOVES blogspot.
2. Harvest articles in Yahoo Buzz or others related news website, contents from the sites are most searched in the net.
3. Paste the article to your blog, BUT remember to add your own lines in the first paragraph, just write anything or your own bullsh*t there. Write about 3 or 5 lines in the paragraph. This to make your article not totally flagged as duplicate content.
4. Do it constantly, you will be surprised with the result about the next 1 or 2 months, or may be earlier.
5. Have a nice try.

That’s what my friends do to generate about 1,000 visitors everyday. Just doing copy and paste. Hope you’ll be luckier than a 1,000 visitors :D.

Naughty Technique To Generate High Traffic, It’s A Tricky SEO in Busby SEO Test.

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